Spark. The Response Generators

We’re justifiably very proud of the brands that choose to work with us – from SMEs to multi-national corporations.

Spark is a no-nonsense advertising and design agency with massive experience in all marketing media. We’re medium-sized, but with large agency capabilities. We understand the need to make your campaigns work. And work hard!

Spark creates brands, digital campaigns, responsive and e-commerce websites, quality literature guaranteed to make an impact and has huge experience in generating response from ads or maximising a return on mail-drops. We also specialise in social lead generation. Perhaps most importantly in this climate – we make your budgets go further…effectively.


Businesses must have a strong identity to stand out visually. Building a brand that is intelligent, engaging and memorable is what we specialise in. If you want your brand to work well across all print and digital media - look no further...


Print, big or small is an important part of marketing. Spark can visualise your ideas with clear, well researched advertising, literature, direct mail and POS, on time and within budget. And more importantly, producing campaigns that work.


Energising your digital presence through online activity is vital. If you need a fresh website or an electronic advertising campaign, let us put a digital spark into your business.

Spark. Social Lead Generation

Spark has been successfully operating across a number of competitive sectors for over 12 years in a number of different areas. With a strong background and focus on design and advertising, recent years have seen a shift towards lead generation and paid media, as our clients increasingly seek a holistic solution for their marketing needs. This has provided us with the opportunity to expand our team and skillset, excelling specifically in paid social lead generation.

We’ve found that many businesses wish to move away from the third-party brokerage style approach to lead generation, instead benefiting from the increased site traffic and mass awareness that an own-brand approach provides.

We utilise online inbound lead generation strategies, relevant to your target audience. We identify and reach out to your ideal customer, where they feel most comfortable and where you get most visibility.

With the average person seeing over 3000 marketing messages every single day, it’s important that the message is communicated effectively, at the right time and to the most relevant people. We do this by:

> Close consultation with your marketing team
> Audience research & profiling
> Audience development
> Split testing & optimisation of ads
> Regular reporting & goal setting

What you can expect:

> 100% exclusive leads
> High Quality leads
> Cutting edge inbound marketing
> Lead delivered in real time

Combining years of design expertise alongside the most cutting edge marketing channels, we can create visually stunning advertisements, served to the people most likely to take action and most likely to turn clicks into pounds.

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